Munawar in Arabic means to illuminate. This site, Munawar, tracks my personal journey learning how to be effective in halting the rate of climate


change, and mitigating our global footprint.

I blog about my attempts to make a topic that feels overwhelming a little more manageable. In May I’ll be blogging about plastics, and keeping track of how much plastic I create. In June I’ll be seeing how little waste I can create in June.

In mid-June I’ll be launching a podcast. Each episode of this podcast will track my personal journey finding ways to effectively address climate change. Over the past few years I’ve found myself paralyzed in trying to figure out what to do to fight climate change. It often feels useless to call my congressperson or give money to organizations. I recycle. I compost. I belong to a community garden. But I don’t know what more I can do. I get confused by the complexity of the issues and science. The election of Donald Trump rid even the most idealistic person among us of the notion that government will effectively address climate change. The question becomes what can I do that would really make a difference?rocket

We’ve already been recording our initial episodes:

  • Climate change 101: everything you never wanted to know about climate change
  • The myth of consumerism and environmentalism
  • In July, my month of plastics tracking and zero waste June will be part of episodes about, you got it, plastics and waste
  • Do regulations really kill jobs?
  • Economics of Pipelines
  • The Energy Grid explained


Please email: munawar1930@gmail.com.



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