News headlines from this week

Rising conservative voices call for climate change action

Today, a coalition of grassroots Indigenous groups from across Turtle Island joins the 121 First Nations and Tribes united by the Treaty Alliance Against Tar Sands Expansion, to launch a new, integrated divestment campaign against the banks funding Dakota Access and the four tar sands crude oil pipelines currently proposed out of Canada.

Dakota Access Pipeline has a spill before it is fully operational.

Ohio EPA Fines Energy Transfer Partners over 18 Pipeline Spills

Thousands of gallons of oil dumped into East River from Con Ed transformer malfunction

In Ohio a natural gas pipeline has been put on hold after 18 leaks and a massive spill of drilling fluids into a pristine wetland convinced state and federal regulators to largely shut down the company’s construction of the project.

Coral Reefs Generate Half of Earth’s Oxygen … and They Could All Die Off by 2050

USGS has just confirmed that three million Americans are at risk from human-induced earthquakes caused by wastewater disposal, a process in fracking, in 2017.



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