May 5 – Plastic Tracking Month

After two plastic free days it ended. First, I was out with my Mom. We went to a winery and I got very hungry. There were no sans-plastic options. In New York City, at least the fork would be recyclable (I believe), but I’m not sure about Spokane. So I popped them both in a bin dubiously just titled recycling with no distinction and we’ll see… May 5

Later in the evening I was running a race on Sunday morning and I needed some headphones. There were no non-plastic options. I carried this around for a day before finding a plastic recycling bin. But, eventually that’s where it went.

May 5(2)

When buying things it’s really hard sometimes to avoid plastic. One counter argument made by plastic makers is that it is actually more eco-friendly than say glass that doesn’t have a recycling market, and some other options. The issues arise when the plastic is discarded haphazardly. A question for the podcast episode.


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