May 6th

May 7th

May 8th

A note on Cliff and Luna bars. They do not appear to be compostable or recyclable. Cliff bar has a thing on their website about becoming 10% smaller.

May 9th

may 9may 9(2)

may 9(2)

May 10th

May 11th

May 11

May 12th

naan wrapper. I susually make my own bread, and it’s way better, but this week has been too busy. Two of the 4 things here cannot be recycled.

May 12

May 13th

Candy. I am a candy person. Aside from the issue of palm oil usually purchased in non-sustainable ways it has plastic film. Not recyclable. Also, diet coke. That is gross and uses up a lot of water. And, it’s gross. But at least I can recycle it. [better to not use at all they say, but…] In my trips to buy said candy and pop I took my zero waste bag! The bodega guys know I bring it every time and know to not give me a bag. Also, every now and again another customer asks about it. I suppose that’s good, right? Candy diplomacy?

I also wrote to REI and encouraged them to offer more varieties of non-plastic straw options. I hope they do it. If they do, we’ll all need to go get one.


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