Facts on Climate Change


There is 97% agreement that climate change is caused by human activity, and without reducing greenhouse gasses life on the planet is in extreme peril.

This year will be the third straight year of record setting temperatures. This year, 2016, is on track to be the hottest in recorded history. Preliminary data suggests that 2016’s global temperatures are 1.2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels. Scientists and politicians have set a goal of 2 degrees Celsius. Scientific consensus is that should temperatures rise above 2 degrees C, or 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit, the world will be locked into irreversible and potentially devastating environmental changes.

Even with the historic Paris Climate Agreement, all actors acknowledge  that, however historic, the pledges of reduced emissions that the nations of the world made when they signed onto the Paris Climate Agreement are just not going to be enough to keep the average global temperature rise below 2.0° Celsius. Right now, if those pledges were kept, we would, by the turn of the century, add a catastrophic 2.0° to the 1.0° we have already added since pre-industrial times.

Despite consensus amoung scientists, and global leaders, americans are skeptical. While effecting all of us equally, those who doubt v. those who believe breaks along party lines. This is not because americans are stupid, but rather that major gas and oil companies have spent billions to complicate the issue and propagate false information in an attempt to protect their profits. The world consensus is outlined in this map. “Many Americans also skirt around climate change too, even if they are concerned about it. Nearly two-thirds of Americans say that climate change is at least somewhat important to them personally, according to the Yale Program on Climate Communication, although few people talk about the issue with family or friends. Americans are broadly in favor of developing clean sources of energy but there’s a clear political divide about how to approach climate change. Polling by the Pew Research Center shows half of Clinton’s supporters cared about climate change a great deal, compared with 15% of Trump supporters. Maybe now that the reality of the next four years of president Trump is sinking in, a more considered view of the problems America faces will take hold. Maybe people will realize it’s important that we’ve left it to the very last minute to cut greenhouse gas emissions and that failure to do this will probably risk their property, prosperity and national security.”


If you read/look at nothing else read this excellent and simple article: Short Answers to Hard Questions About Climate Change

Amid higher global temperatures, sea ice at record lows at poles

Agriculture victim of and solution to climate change

Study shows climate change has impacted everything on Earth – Eighty percent of the ecological processes on Earth have been seen to change in order to adapt to the rise in temperatures.

The Politics of Climate


List of U.S. States by Carbon Emission

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