What were Obama’s Accomplishments?

What are the Obama administration’s accomplishments with respect to the environment? What is at risk if they go?

There has been a lot of talk about repealing all of Obama’s executive orders. Below are a list of exactly what these orders implemented.

Clean Energy Plan – a set of rules that requires states to substantially reduce their emissions over the next few decades.

Executive Orders



  • Climate-Resilient International Development; efforts to strengthen policy and procedures: EO 13677
  • Combating Wildlife Trafficking: EO 13648
  • Energy
    • Accelerating Investment in Industrial Energy Efficiency: EO 13624
    • International Renewable Energy Agency; designation as a public international organization entitled to certain privileges, exemptions and immunities: EO 13605
    • Unconventional domestic and natural gas resources; efforts to coordinate Administration policy to support safe and responsible development: EO 13605
  • Environment
  • Wildland-Urban Interface; effort to mitigate wildfire risks: EO 13728
  • EO 13514 – https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/president-obama-signs-executive-order-focused-federal-leadership-environmental-ener

More than just his executive orders Obama put in place appointees who shared his vision on climate. Secretary of State John Kerry “hurled himself into conservation issues, making them a central focus of American diplomacy and winning a string of ambitious deals to limit global warming and protect the oceans.” In November 2016, Kerry traveled to Antarctica bringing attention to the need to focus on climate.

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